TechChill Milan 2023: Yay!Starter's Transformative Journey in AI

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Recapping TechChill Milano 2023: Yay!Starter's Transformative Journey in AI and Digital Marketing

TechChill Milano 2023 has wrapped up, and what a buzzing event it's been! Set amidst the vibrant backdrop of Milan, this international startup & tech event championed the cause of startups, aiming to bridge knowledge gaps and foster invaluable business relationships.


IMG_4811Yay!Starter Shines Bright

Among the luminaries was our very own Yana Lapitskaya, Co-founder and Managing Director of Yay!Starter Marketing. Alongside her, Jessy Conflon, our Growth Marketing Director, showcased the groundbreaking strides our agency is making in the realm of AI and digital marketing.


Taking the Stage with Passion and Expertise

Yana’s presentation, "Tips and tricks of AI: AI use case in digital marketing", provided a comprehensive look at the current landscape of AI in marketing. She delved into the AI-driven content revolution and spoke candidly about the AI tools that we at Yay!Starter hold in high regard, their advantages, and their few limitations.


The Big Reveal: YAi Digital

Perhaps the most electrifying moment was the unveiling of YAi Digital - our meticulously crafted, AI-powered content creation tool tailored especially for marketing agencies. With YAi, we're poised to dramatically transform the content strategy and creation landscape.

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Stay Ahead with YAi

Curious about what YAi can do? Register your interest here and be the first in line to receive all the thrilling updates on what's next for YAi!


A Glimpse of the Event

For those who missed out or wish to relive Yana's insightful session, we're excited to share a video recording of Yana's presentation ⬇️


As we wrap up our reflections on TechChill Milano 2023, a heartfelt thank you goes out to the TechChill team for the incredible opportunity. Here's to innovation, collaboration, and the endless possibilities that the tech world offers.

Victoria Bulatnikova