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Unlocking New Horizons: The Ultima Group's Transformation with Yay!Starter

A Vision Realised

"Instead of being viewed as a small business in West Wales, we are now recognised as a national company, we've got a real national presence thanks to Yay!Starter."

- Ben Giles, Founder of the Ultima Group


Ultima Cleaning: A Story of Growth 

Ultima team

From the serene landscapes of West Wales, Ultima Cleaning has risen, offering both specialist and regular cleaning services. The group has expanded its expertise to training, with the Ultima Cleaning Academy leading the charge in eLearning and face-to-face sessions. But the path wasn't always smooth.

"My experience with other marketing companies was incredibly negative. We really struggled.”

- Ben Giles, Founder of the Ultima Group

Enter Yay!Starter

All that changed when Yay!Starter stepped onto the scene. No longer was the Ultima Group burdened with their marketing. The team at Yay!Starter revolutionised Ultima's approach, introducing fresh, innovative ideas. 

"Suddenly, our SEO work soared, placing us high in rankings. This, coupled with a diversified approach – from videos to tailored landing pages for our unique services – has broadened our target audience significantly. The results? An elevated brand, resonating on multiple platforms, reaching more eyes, and making bigger impacts."

- Ben Giles, Founder of the Ultima Group


A Partnership Like No Other

The collaboration between Ultima Group and Yay!Starter is beyond the standard client-agency relationship. 

"It feels like the Yay!Starter is a part of our business. That's been quite a nice feeling that they genuinely have our interests at heart.”
Ben Giles
Ben Giles, Founder of the Ultima Group

This unique bond ensures that each marketing strategy, each campaign, is intricately woven with Ultima's goals and visions at its core.

A Testimony to Excellence

"Would I recommend Yay!Starter? Yes, I would!"

- Ben Giles, Founder of the Ultima Group

Ben's recommendation isn't just words; it's a testament to Yay!Starter’s commitment, expertise, and transformative approach.

For businesses ready to soar, Ben offers a piece of advice: "Have clear marketing guidelines, know your audience, and set your direction. But most importantly, trust in Yay!Starter. They've brought unparalleled value to our business, and I'd vouch for them to anyone seeking genuine, professional marketing."

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